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Hi! I’m a writer living in Brooklyn. I cover criminal justice and immigration for Yahoo! News.


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  1. Raheem Brown says:

    Subjust: Obama administration may shut down 5 percent of for-profit programs under new rule

    In the first paragraph you reffered to the new DoE rule on “gainful employment” as being “significantly softened”. But your article illustrates the rule has been tighten to make it more difficult for alum to be considered gainfully employed, thus making it harder for schools to qualify for federal aid.

    Am I misreading something here?

  2. lizcgoodwin says:

    Hi Raheem, you are my first commenter! The rule is significantly softened from a draft version that they released last October. Under that version of the rule, many more programs would have been shut down because schools would only have one year to meet the various benchmarks (instead of four years, under the final rule) and also the DOE would have used their PAST debt and income data to decide whether to shut them down, so the schools wouldn’t have any time to improve after the rule passed. For-profit and some non-profit career programs freaked out after the draft version was released, and the resulting final rule is a compromise/concession from the DOE. Thanks for asking!

  3. mateo james says:

    Like the piece about KFC and their self-defeating cause ~ mateo

  4. Bryan McCullagh says:

    Dear Mz. Goodwin:

    I read your articles and posts all the time on Yahoo.

    You are simply and without question an incredibly excellent writer and reporter. You articles are objective, insightful, interesting, and always accurate. I don’t mean to be over-the-top here, but terms like stellar, world-class, network, and perhaps at some time in the future, Pulitzer come to mind.

    I don’t think you realize how good you really are. I come from a long line of newspapermen, and I know consistently great work when I see it.

    With all due respect, you might consider reaching a little higher even now. Blogging for Yahoo! is cool, but it’s wee tad short of your talents and capabilities. Best of luck in your continued pursuits, and I look forward to the day when you’re anchoring CNN or writing front-page for the Times. Ought not be too long from now…

  5. Kevin Mak says:

    Hi Liz,

    For some time now, I’ve noticed that every news article on the front page of Yahoo! that has caught my attention seems to be written by you, keep up the good work.

  6. Trent Sunahara says:

    Hi Liz,

    I read your articles often on Yahoo! News, and just now decided to look you up and follow you a bit more closely. You’re writing is AWESOME! And, I appreciate that you answer random questions about the issues you cover. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards, Trent

  7. Colin Jones says:

    Ms. Goodwin:

    I read “Texas scientist makes strands of ‘invisibility cloak’”, and was impressed by the clarity of both the writing and the explanation for the effect. A lot of science popularization stories I read online are not written very clearly. So I looked up some other stories penned by you, and found them to be well-written, and covering a wide range of interesting topics. This is how journalism is supposed to work! Good job!

  8. Greg Bryce says:

    Hello Liz
    I just looked you up because I realized I’d been impressed by some previous articles. When I saw the full extent of your work, I was really knocked out. The article that really piqued my interest was the Postville Iowa story. It really highlighted the complexities and unintended consequences involved in even a small town’s interaction with national issues.
    You do excellent work, but I wonder how you deal with the “comments” on Yahoo. Like Bryan (above) I’d like to see you working on longer form pieces.

  9. Matt Deleplanque says:

    Hi Ms. Goodwin, I like your style of writing the news you cover. Thought I would look for more, and ended up here! Looking forward to looking in the archives for more post as time goes by! Not many names do I remember of those who report the news. Yours is one of the not so many. Keep up the great writing!
    Best Wishes

  10. lizcgoodwin says:

    Thank you guys for the very nice comments!

  11. Kimberly Davis says:

    Liz–I’ve been reading your posts on Yahoo news and finally looked at the photo. So nice to see one of my former students making a name for herself. Glad to see you are covering such important topics. Best wishes, Kim Davis

  12. AJ says:

    Your news coverage is generally factual and without too much personal bias, so thanks for that. However, I find it deeply offensive that you choose to perpetuate the term “Obamacare” coined first by those who deride it. A more appropriate and neutral journalistic stance would be to promote it by its proper name “ACA” i.e. the “Affordable Care Act”, rather like the ADA. Then critique it all you want! Try harder to be fair, if only to not perpetuate the cynical view that journalism doesn’t care about balanced reporting anymore.

  13. Rebecca San Juan says:

    Hi Liz,

    I recently read your article, “Prison pups: Dog training program changed his life, says inmate”, and was wondering if there is anything possible to hurry up Eddie Hill’s sentence. By the time 2049 comes around he’ll be 83 and have already learned his lesson. Basing my opinion off of your article, he seems like the type of guy who made a major mistake in his early 20’s but has fortunately learned what he has done wrong, changed, and found his passion. If there is anything that I can contribute to helping this case, please let me know. I think a man like Eddie Hill truly deserves a second chance.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that your story truly touched me. I used to have the perspective that prisoners who are part of a murder should be sentenced to the death penalty and that our taxes shouldn’t go towards maintaining a life that took another’s away. However, reading this article has made me grow and realize that these prisoners are people and with programs like these they can change. Thank you so much! Your writing is impeccable and it is these type of stories that I love.

  14. Ken Nakagama says:

    Maybe this is worth looking into, as The Kauffman Foundation runs this immigration survey.
    Its still a very important item for Silicon Valley, even if nothing is done in 2012 due to Politics

    btw- your work on Akin is only topped by The Onion

  15. Julie Harris says:

    Liz Goodwin,

    Thank you for that superbly written (and sorely-needed in mass media) educational: Labor Rebellion… of Dec. 7th. I hope it goes viral.

    Julie in Chico, CA

  16. BW Jorgensen says:

    Liz–Was reading some of your recent coverage of the Supreme Court’s consideration of California’s Proposition 8, and wanted to share a thought. Many write about Prop 8 superficially, and express the opinion that the Court’s position should be a “no-brainer”. But, the court must not only render a position on the specific case it is considering, but must articulate the underlying principles involved. Prop 8 was not a “gay marriage ban”, but a statement that marriage should be between one man and one woman. If the operating principle involved is that all others desiring a different kind of marriage are being denied equal rights, then there are many others who are not gay who might seek to marry if Prop 8 is struck down. For example, many Californians entered into informal “group marriages” in the 1970’s, and some Americans today enter into multi-spouse relationships that may be recognized in their community or church. More countries in the world currently recognize multi-spouse marriages than gay marriages. I find it interesting that when talking with friends who basically believe, “Of course we need to have gay marriage, and by the way, yesterday”, reject vehemently the notion that any marriage involving more than two people might be included in the discussion. Where are those open minds?

  17. Great writing! I was noticing though, recently you keep mixing “same-sex” and “gay” in your articles/posts on the subject of marriage definitions as if they’re the same exact thing? Certainly we’re all aware that no sort of marriage defines the habits, preferences, desires, gender identification, etc of the participants. Only that there are two competent adults, typically up until now of the opposite biological sex. It’s clear that nothing is going to stop “straight” same-sex couples from marrying for all the convenient reasons that opposite-sex couples (be they straight or gay or bi or celibate) have married for. Or that if we speak of discrimination, defining marriage as “two sane adult humans of the opposite sex” doesn’t describe love, sexuality or children at all, but it does discriminate against _everything_ that is not “two sane adult humans of the opposite sex”. A minor procedural matter, yes, soon to be decided by SCOTUS in some way. In any case, keep up the good work! Rosa

  18. Pwaggener says:

    I just read your article on the Oklahoma MRAPs I am chief of a small agency that uses the 1033 for many things not so much weapons(printers, UTVs, Boats). I wanted to advise at least how something like an MRAP is handled in my state of Mississippi. To requisition such an item you have to agree to make it available to other local jurisdictions if needed. That is to say regardless of the size of the agency, it will serve an wide area not just that Jurisdiction. My jurisdiction spans five counties and one sheriff in one of those counties has been seeking an armored vehicle. Please know he would roll the unit if he received upon the request of any of the seven police chiefs in his county. I just wanted to make you aware as I know this is a minor fact that may not be a part of any FOI request yet I feel pertinent to the dialog

  19. victor says:

    Hello I read the article you wrote while at Harvard about “Applying Yourself”. Thank you so much for that, it really helped me to deal with my own issues. I made a simple google search about how I should apply myself since I have been having these same feelings in relation to school. Your article pointed out a lot of the things that many do not talk about or dare to mention and I just wanted to thank you for being brave enough to share. It would be nice if you elaborate a little on how you overcame feeling like an outcast or what you did to get ahead in your own life despite not following the flow of the other students. Thank You!

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